onsdag 30 juni 2010

At work today. /g


Nu undrar ni vad detta är...mums?blä?

En hemmagjord hårinpackning!

En fuktbomb för håret, om man har lite torrt hår/botten massera in noggrant och låt sitta 20-30 min. Normalt hår 10-15 min. Skölj sedan med ljummet vatten.
Easy and quick! /G

tisdag 29 juni 2010


Värmebölja idag...årets varmaste dag. Det kändes! Jag tog mig en icetea från Wayne's för att klara mig till den varma bussen mot jobbet. Nu måste jag sova för jag öppnar shoppen imorgon. Kram G


Here's the article about us that was in the first edition of the new Family magazine that Världen idag has done.


Yesterdays summer outfit.

måndag 28 juni 2010


In this heat flowers need to be extra cared for...water and trimming is essential. that's what heidi would say. /G

part 2

...While waiting for the washing machine to be finished she goes to the pool and cleans it. What a clever girl! /G

cartoon housewife

Today i'm free so I'm doing some necessary stuff - washing clothes , hanging them up in the sun, folding and laying them in wardrobes. /G

söndag 27 juni 2010

The long black dress

off to IKEA now with my parents and my bloke. See ya. G

lördag 26 juni 2010

Wedding job..

Today I hade a bride to make up and style her hair. We have practised before and today was the big day.
Bella, my beautiful friend and hairdresser helped me with the hostess hair for the wedding.
Love Gabbie

Cool present..

I got this from fred and katta when they had been in Hawaii. It's a real oyster shell which wasen't opened until I opened it. There was a real pearl inside. Cool! /G

onsdag 23 juni 2010

Bro's back in town

Our brother's back from Hawaii and he came bringing gifts...LOTS of them!
These lovely flowers all the girls were wearing over there. If you were taken/married you would have it behind the left ear, single the right ear and if you were taken but open for new offers you would have one behind each ear...HAHA! So Gabs using both of hers, hehe...or NOT..I'm just kidding Simon!
Thank You Freddie for ALL the lovely gifts!!!
(more pics of pressies will come!..)

tisdag 22 juni 2010

Another good costumer

I had this really cute customer the other day. She was a 72 year old lady who was buying flowers for her sons 44th birthday. She had just come home from a trip to Tenerife a week ago and was happily telling me all about it. She told me how her entire family had gone there and about the lovely hotel and places they had been to see. She told me how since she didn’t speak any English or other foreign languages she had gotten into rather a fun situation…

After a long day at the beach with the family she was feeling a bit tiered so while the others wanted to stay a bit longer she and her husband decided to take a cab home to rest. They went looking and after a while they found a cab but then they couldn’t remember the name of the hotel they where staying at so they sat there in the cab for a long while thinking of the name. Then she remembered that she had bought something in a shop not far from the hotel. So she showed the cabdriver the receipt from the shop and he drove them there. But then they discovered that the way from the little shop wasn’t as short and easy to find as they had remembered it. But at last they found their way back to the hotel only to find that their family had come home and been home for the last hour and a half. Haha!

She was so cute while telling me the story. Haha!

All the best,

måndag 21 juni 2010

hey mambo


Today I've worked at Mist made up a girl and sold some makeup. Johanna, my friend popped by, she's just got home from London yesterday. Such fun to see her again.

On my shopping round I bought a new fake tan, Loreal sublime bronze, I'll see the result tomorrow. I think it's so exciting waking up and seeing that you've got some colour. haha!

Here's my new tunic I bought last week! and this goregous necklace I got from mums best friend, who I call my "Auntie" Maine, love it!

Off to get some icecream an watch a movie with my family.
Love to you all / Gabs


Kommer ni ihåg att jag vann en hårtävling för någon månad sen?
Jag fick hem priset idag :D Tack så mycket!!
Ikväll ska jag fixa iordning det med silverschampo och klippning.
Nu ska jag iväg och shoppa sen jobba!
Have a nice day!

söndag 20 juni 2010


In all H&Ms sale stuff I didn't find anything untill I got to the accessories apartment and these where standing there, glowing. Tommy Hilfiger lookalikes for only 50 kronor. I couldn't believe it. I love this style! /G


Simon och jag blev bjudna på spa i studentpresent. Här är vi på Söderköpings Brunn. När vi kom dit åt vi kakbuffé sen gick vi till spa och relaxen. På kvällen åt vi god middag.
/ Gabbie

fredag 18 juni 2010

Postcard from Hawaii

I just recieved a postcard from my brother and girlfriend in Hawaii.
I always dreamed of going to Hawaii when I was little. My favorite movie was "Blue Hawaii" and I was going to marry Elvis cos he was such a hunk!!
..So the only thing changed since then is my age.

torsdag 17 juni 2010

Bleeding ears

This is what was played at work today. Feel my pain people! I need your sympathy!
heehehee!! ;)

in the summer time...

Wow, today I got summer feelings, it's so sunny and warm outside. It makes me want to shop for summerdresses and wear them with brown legs. Haha!
Well, I've phoned Heidi and we're going on a shoppingspree in a few minutes. Simon is our taxi, that was the deal coz he hates shopping.(One exception, cars!)
This dress I bought last week with one of my graduation presents (gift voucher), it's so summery.
Have a nice evening in the sun guys!
/ Gabbie

onsdag 16 juni 2010

Florister tycker om att få blommor

Härom dagen var det en kille inne och köpte en bukett till sin flickvän på hennes 23-årsdag av mig.
Han valde omsorgsfullt vilka blommor han skulle ha i buketten och sedan när den var klar frågade han mig om jag tyckte den var fin.
"Ja, den är jättefin och hon kommer verkligen uppskatta att du själv valt ut blommorna" svarade jag.
"-Skulle du bli glad för den?" sa han sedan innan jag hunnit svara så fortsatte han "eller alltså du tycker väl inte om att få blommor. Men du tror hon kommer gilla den?"
"Eh, varför skulle inte jag vilja ha blommor? Jag älskar att få blommor! Fast jag får aldrig blommor iof för jag är florist." svarade jag.
"Men assåå ingen tror ju att florister vill ha blommor heller". Han tog detta mycket seriöst.
"-Men det vill vi!!!"sa jag skrattande . (Han var en riktig sköning, hip hop stil. lite gansta,haha :P)
"Men då får du ju berätta det för folk då så dom vet! Säg det till folk!" sa han seriöst.
Jag skrattade lite och lovade honom att jag skulle ha d som min status på facebook senare....vilket jag slarvade och inte hade... så här kommer det på bloggen istället....
JAG TYCKER OM ATT FÅ BLOMMOR! :D hahaha! Vilka sköningar man får träffa här i livet!
(det här inlägget var ju mkt passande efter Gabbans om alla hennes buketter ;P)


Some of the lovely flowers I got for my graduation...

The big bouquet of lilies I got from simon..It's my favourite flower. There was pink ribbon with big hearts on it. He's a good man! <3
Love Gab

From my sister...

This fab present I got from Heidi. Lots of things...hooks,a candle, a necklace, a glass jar, a cake plate and some sweeties in a pink glass bowl. Thank you!

tisdag 15 juni 2010

Willow tree

I got this present from my seamstress..it's a willow tree sculpture with the name happiness. Isn't it beautiful?!


Flaket efter utspringet var grymt kul!

Anibals present!

Ett stort Tack till Anibal Rojas som köpte min studentpresent från Gant såklart, en av Anibals favorit affärer, (Min oxå).
Ett par ljusrosa strumpor med stjärnor på. Just my colour!
I got this graduationpresent from Anibal Rojas - some beautiful pink socks from Gant. Thank You!


måndag 14 juni 2010


I love my new rose hooks, I got them from my wonderful sister.
This is the third and final dress i got tailor made, a ballerina dress. For my graduation!
Love gabbie

Champagne breakfast

Early on thursday morning all the graduates gathered in the park near school for the traditional champagne breakfast with strawberries and a photosession.
On the tram down to town for our last assembly. The tram was packed with all the singing students. Happy and excited!