måndag 31 maj 2010

My very old friends

They've got holes here and there and are torn apart. The shoe laces haven't been white for years. They even sound a bit funny when I walk with them and my socks show through at the heal. But I can't bare the thought of parting with them. I can't just throw them away. Because I love them. I really do. My very old friends. My first pair of Converse.
I think I'll have to frame them in one day. But they'll have to stay. My Converse. My friends.

on the list to do...

Nails, one of the most important things for the special day. Just been to my nailtherapist, used to go to her regularly and she's amazing.
Love gab


Tack Beata!
I'm so flattered! I've been chosen as one of the finalists of a hair competition!

This fab competition is taking place at Beatas.se so please go in now and vote, I'd be really grateful !:D

Jag är så sminkrad! Jag har blivit valt till en av 5 finalister i en hår tävling!

Den här otroliga tävligen finns på Beatas.se snälla gå in och rösta, jag skulle vara jätte tacksam! :D

Love Gabbie

söndag 30 maj 2010

Sunday morning breakfast

Eating my breakfast before running off to work...Cottage cheese sandwiches with mango juice and tea -yuuum!

lördag 29 maj 2010

Don't forget..

Mothers day tomorrow! I sure won't...I've spent the last couple of days preparing, making bouquets just for that special day. So make a card,buy some flowers or bake a cake for your mum tomorrow!
Well now I'm going to eat up the watermelon I bought yesterday. Yum!
Take Care,

fredag 28 maj 2010

I've told you before and I'll tell you again..

I've been out for a 30 minute walk in the pouring rain -wonderful!!! Everything looks,sounds and smells so good when it's raining cats and dogs!
Yes, I'm crazy but so is my hair... so I think the craziness suits me pretty good.
Rain Rain
Don't go away
Rain Rain
I hope you stay

El classico

took this look today. off to work. bye.

torsdag 27 maj 2010


You can tell that summer is in the air by the colours on the clothes that you wear.
It came creaping up on us all but I'm pretty sure it's finally here, Summer!

Bad blogging

Hello! I've been a bad blogger the last few days. Theres been so much work and school stuff to get ready so I haven't had the inspiration or time!
Well here's some funny,crapy photos of me and my lovely clasmates!

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Madde and Me

My lovely friend Madde is here for a visit. Always fun!!
We've been shopping,shopping and then done some shopping.
Love spending time together...this summer will be fun!

måndag 24 maj 2010


Did some naildecorations at work today, just for fun and to show all our fantastic pearls and glitters we've got! I actually got the inspiration from this weeks cd, Alicia Keys. She'd got some great nails like this with loads of diamonds and glitter.
LOve gab

Köpa bostad?

Liten etta belägen i underbara Norrköping.
Förra ägaren "Herr Talgoxe" var mycket skötsam, bostaden är så gott som nyrenoverad.
Hör av er till Herr Hackspett.



Soon I'm off to work to sell some makeup then after closing the shop mum's picking me up and we are going to the lady who's helping with my ball gown. It's almost finished! Wiii!
It's only 11 days left to the ball...I have to look for some ball shoes today.
Love Gab

söndag 23 maj 2010

This is Sweden

A couple of days ago I went for lunch and a walk around Ekbackarna with two of my lovely work-mates. Actually only one of them I still work with the other one has retired.
Well, Ekbackarna proved it self to be one of the most beautiful places I've seen. This is the Sweden I love. Yellow fields and blue skies. This is Sweden.
Love, Heidi

Graduation Day approaches...

Sjung om studentens lyckliga dagar!


I've been so busy working all weekend long so haven't been able to do any blogging. Yesterday I worked all day at Mist making up customers for weddings and parties. We had to dress up a bit for work so I chose this little net number with over the knee socks. Stuck a few diamonds on the outside of my eye.
Love gab

fredag 21 maj 2010


When no inspiration or a bad hairday a fishbone always does the trick! /G

Magic eyedust

This fab eyedust is almost magic...when you apply it its olivegreen but if you blend it in it goes darker green. 2 in 1!
Come to the shop and try it! Love gab

onsdag 19 maj 2010


Mum's got a new necklace, it's so beautiful! I wan't it! She's told me I can borrow it, hee!
Goodnight Love Gab


Made myself a mocha latte with whipped cream and cocoa earlier today.
What a treat! Ain't nothing like chocolate and coffee!


Soon and very soon...this water will be warm, the sun will get hotter and summer will arrive.
Then it's time to go to the ball and put on my hat which says I've graduated.....that's when real life will start.

tisdag 18 maj 2010

They've hatched!

Simon and I went back to the woods today and found the little bird's nest which we saw on Sunday - we checked the nest and guess what?!! The eggs have hatched - little fluffy baby birds were sitting there instead of the eggs! / Gabbie

Foods on the table

Whats served in the Heidi Holmgren household this evening.
Grilled chicken,Salad with lemon olive-oil and garlic bread. Yum!


måndag 17 maj 2010

Syttende mai

17th of May, Norways DAY! yey for them!

Jag måste bara få berätta om en gullig gubbe/kund (75+) jag hade idag.
Han hade en norsk flagga på kavajen så jag frågade honom om han firade Sjuttonde Maj. Han berättade hur han bott i Norge ett tag o sedan dess alltid "firat" dagen sen dess. O så berätta han..
"Förra året när jag på 17e Maj gick ner för Drottninggatan här i stan så kom några Norrbaggar fram till mig och drog in mig på Grand Hotell"
Jag lite överraskad svarade nått i stil med "Nejmen oj, är det verkligen sant?".
"Ja, dom var faktiskt riktigt sköna" svarade gubben som uppenbarligen lärt sig ett eller två streetwords senaste åren.
Jag skrattade lite och gubben som vid det här laget redan betalt gick mot dörren och precis innan han gick ut vände han sig om mot mig o sa "Men du ska veta att dom var inte riktigt Nyktra inte" sen gick han sin väg.
Haha, äre inte kul att jobba i butik o möta små gubbar lr vad?!


Bad blogger

Hey people!
I've been a very bad blogger lately, haven't updated on my life for quite a while now.
This is pretty much what I've been up to... Been to Stockholm for a long weekend hanging out with Mandy (having the best of times,drinking lots of coffee), worked a lot -made a bridal bouquet, meet my best old school friend Emma & Sandra, been twice to Söderköping -you gotta go there it's so beautiful!!
And well just enjoyed the sun and the rain!! Loving the rain! haha
Will keep updating more, promise!
Lots and lots of Love,


GReatStartOfTheDay - G

söndag 16 maj 2010

Mums B-day!

It's Mums birthday today, so the whole gang gathered for dinner. Love you mum!

lördag 15 maj 2010


Love the weather today! Driving with the windows down!

Picnic in the woods...

Today Simon, I, mum and dad got in the King Cab and drove off on an adventure. We bought some hamburgerstuff and a grill. In the King Cab you can drive off road without a problem, and believe me, Simon and dad really enjoy doing it. Over every muddy path and in the woods. Mum and I just jump around in the back screaming. Haha
Love Gabbie