fredag 30 april 2010

Mermaid makeup

Today I was inspired by mermaids and the blue sea so I used some turquoise, green and gold for the eye makeup and some pink blusher on my lips with some gloss on top.
I worked at Mist with Sofie today, such fun! Love G


I got so surprised and happy when i went in to my room just now!
Heidi had been there...and shes not home often! I LOVE HER!

torsdag 29 april 2010


Sugar.Whipped Cream.Ice Cream.Maple Syrup.Jam.Banana.Cinnamon.Apple.Berries
Just made some panncakes, dad tryied to teach me his trick, how to turn the panncake in the air. I like these ingredients with my panncakes. /G

One of those days

Have you ever just had one of those days when your hair is totally working against you?
Today is that day.
A very bad hair day!

onsdag 28 april 2010


I just love Lexingtons style, especially the bedding.
I'm totally buying some when I get my own house. East Coast marthas wineyard feeling and abit of Ralph Lauren.
I've just made my bed with some newly laundered bedding.I love the smell of a newly made bed. Goodnight G

things I do when i'm home sick...

I woke up with a sore throat,fever and a headace, so I'm spending my day sipping tea with honey and wearing a pink tracksuit trying to get well.
I get so bored when I'm sick and a often get inspiration to do some washing, clean up or even organized my room. I can't just be lazy and don't do stuff that need to been done..haha!
I took some of my nailpolishes and put them in colourcoordination, cleaned out a bit of makeup and put it in a beautybox. I even organized my jewelry abit. Here's the result...
Love g

tisdag 27 april 2010

Black and White


Eyeshadows Spring

Here's some spring inspiration for you! Mum bought me Elle magazine so I picked out eyeshadows to match the colours in the spreads!
Love Gab

måndag 26 april 2010

One Thousand One Hundred and Eleven

(the 1111th photo)

One Thousand One Hundred and Eleven photos taken with my camera so far but I trust it will keep working for many more days to come (unlike my mobile).. It's simply Canonbra! haha!



Thank You Simon!
Simon, Gabbies boyfriend, has lent me his old mobile.
I love it! It's black and red (goes perfectly with my leather jacket,haha) and it's got some really fun games on it. It's all about the games, it's got "Guitar Hero" and a fab car racing game. I'm hooked! hahah!
Thanks Simme!


I love that it's so light and sunny outside. Today I'm working my first real day at Mist, and even shutting the shop. Have a nice day! Love G

söndag 25 april 2010

My sister...

has been here almost the whole weekend, we've

watched movies, eaten sunday lunch and had ice cream! Nice to have her home again, even if it just was for a little while! G

lördag 24 april 2010


We bought some pizza and ate it at Heidi's place then she had made some delicious blueberry pie. Simon also joined us, showing us his latest buy, another IPhone. this time a 3GS. Then we went shopping at the new mall. We bought home some new films that we are watching now so I have to run! Goodnight sleep tight!
oh, mum got some lovely flowers today. love the colours!
Love G

I love this shirt!

...Den är mjuk och bekväm!
Nu ska paps och jag till heidi och käka pizza och åka till ett shoppingcenter!
Have a nice saturday! g

fredag 23 april 2010

My job!

Here it is! Quite fab ey?. I really like the foundations and eyeshadows! They are really fab too!

Nu har jag kommit hem från Nationella Provet skrivdelen. Så skönt att det är över!
Min lunch matchade perfekt till min outfit och ser det inte gott ut?
Nu ska jag till Mist Ingelsta och sminka en kund! tjingeling! g

torsdag 22 april 2010


"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
William Shakespeare

Took home some short red roses from work today.
I figured that if no one will buy me some I might as well get me some on my own.
Well it was either taking them home or throwing them away actually. Hehe!
To be honest I'm not the biggest fan of red roses. I think that men should be a bit more creative in their choises of flowers. Mix it up a little, like buy a lily every now and again. hehe!

What's your favorite flower? Do you prefer getting roses or would you want someting more unusual?

Vilken är din favorit blomma? Föredrar du att få rosor eller skulle du hellre få något mer ovanligt/orginellt?

Take Care!
Heidi the florist

Mamma kom hem med den här manikyr/pedikyr boken igår till mig. så kul! Man får se allt från acryl nagelförlängingar till pedikyrer. Imorgon har jag nationella prov bright and early så jag beger mig till sängs. Sen ska jag sminka min första kund på Mist! G

Invigning av Hageby Centrum

Gosh, det var fullt! Alla stadens invånare trängdes för att ta del av rabatterna! lite jobbigt tyckte Sandra,Daniela och Jag. Vi ville ha glass men det var ju dyrt så vi beslöt oss att åka hem men då mötes vi av en snubbe som delade ut rabattkuponger och där i fanns rabatt på glass. Glada gick vi och köpte lite glass :D
Haha bilderna blev inte så bra,jag skrattade och bordet kom mest med. Sandra hann gå hem innan kameran kom fram! Love gab


My "herb garden". Time to get cooking!

Global warming? I don't think so!

Would you Adam and Eve it? (="believe" in cockney rhyming slang)
It's white outside! G


Hey u! I started school like ten minutes ago, and i'm still home. I'm late! My alarm didn't go off!
And it's like a snowstorm outside, ridiculous! I'll have to use a umberella, hope it doesn't fly away though. Have to run! Love G

onsdag 21 april 2010

A piece of ribbon

Feeling like a real girlie girl this evening with the help of only a piece of black lace ribbon.
I kinda like it, might even try it again. hehe!

Project -Make my window beautiful

Project "Make my window beautiful" has begun!
I haven't managed to do as much as I'd planned but its a start.
I've decided to make it a herb garden with rosemary,thyme and wild strawberries.
I've bought some retro plates from the second-hand shop (only 10kr each) so I don't flood the kitchen everytime I water them. Tomorrow the decorating will start!
Lots of Love,


The Holmgren Sisters just had their first interview.
We've just come home from an interview about being sisters, friends and bloggers.
It was really fun, can't wait to see the article in May!
Hope all is well with everyone out there!

This is volume

Last night I hade some curlers in my hair and this morning I back combed it. Haha I had to show you.
ps. I looked out my window and it was snowing, masses. Love g

tisdag 20 april 2010


åh, det här är en av mina favorit färger i hela världen. I love this colour! g

Inspiration Gamla Stan

I just love Gamla Stan.
All the cute little street corners and alleyways. The beautiful architecture and all the cosy cafés. I just simply love the place! You can certainly count yourself lucky if you are living in Stockholm.
Well anyhow...I went past this cute window in Gamla Stan this weekend and decided that I have to do something about my kitchen window. So I bought some plants at work today so tomorrows project is "Make my kitchen window beautiful"! hehe. I think I'm going to take a walk to the second-hand shop and look if they have anything fun there too.
Will keep you updated on the project! hehe!

I've got mail

Oh how I love getting mail, especially from England. Today a got some beautiful silver earrings from my auntie Angie. Thank you! Love gabbie

Todays "look"

Todays look...I love over the knee socks, i got them from Simons mummy. Cream and black are so good together. Off to school now, have a fab day everyone. G

My wardrobe...

Everything is colour coordinated and placed in separate drawers for tanks, blouses and t-shirts.
I few of my bags are on the top and some shoes and leggings/tights.

Here I've got my blazers, dresses and my gorgeous mink stole.

Heres the stuff I hang up, like sweaters, shirts and underneath my trousers and skirts.
We live in a large old house so the wardrobes are a bit old fashioned, but I like it anyway. The doors are big,white and have got mouldings on them.
Here you've seen a big part of my life. Love Gab